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Top Image Ltd is the first Agency in the world to manage the most renowned mobile money transfer service M-PESA. Since the service was rolled up for the first time in Kenya and in the world in December 2006, Top Image has successfully managed it. It is because of this success that M-PESA has continued to be introduced and rolled up in several countries in the world. To most of these countries, Top Image has in various ways directly offered expertise know-how that has been fruitful. For M-PESA, success has been realized by an aggressive team grossly headed by the CEO. Achieving this, Top Image has been mandated, on a daily basis to do the following as their Key Performance responsibilities;


  • Training of M-PESA staff: Effectively train new M-PESA Agent staff on how to successfully operate M-PESA and trade with it. The M-PESA agent staffs are also being trained on other money related modules, Anti Money Laundering. All the trainings are professionally done as per to the required standards by Safaricom Ltd.
  • Delivery of Business Tools: In the entire county, Top Image is entirely responsible to ensure resource materials are evenly availed to all the M-PESA shops. This includes the Agent tills, transaction books, Registration books etc.
  • Provision and putting up of M-PESA merchandising materials: An Agency with renowned qualified trainers on merchandising, Top Image has also been mandated to effectively provide and put up merchandising materials in all the M-PESA shops. The M-PESA agent no stickers, polite notice stickers, tariff posters etc are always nicely and strategically put up in all M-PESA shops.
  • Monitoring of float and simex availability to ensure they are adequately available: As an initial challenge, the Top Image Sales team on the ground do monitor and ensure that float and simex are available in M-PESA shops. Mostly these are the key parameters that enable customer fully explore the service. The team has successfully enforced the requirement to the dealers, who majority now conform thus boosting the service availability.
  • Frequent Daily Market Trade visits to all the M-PESA shops in the country for all the issues that can affect the M-PESA trade: With the extensive Top Image network of staff, all the M-PESA shops are visited to have various affecting trade issues sorted. This has therefore enabled a very quick way of handling and sorting of issues immediately they arise hence improving the client service utility levels countrywide.
  • Supervise and manage M-PESA activations to ensure value addition to both the clients and Safaricom as an organization. These activities include Road Shows, promotions, conferences etc. 




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