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BAT - Pall Mall Sampling

"Girls are looking good.  Top Image always does a good job". Christine Ethangatta, Trade Marketin Manager


Sportsman Vuna Chaapa promotion:  Well done to the team, almost 7,000,000 entries!! good growth from last years 5,600,000! Guys this is the final lap, lets   get in all the entries  and close Vuna Chapaa with a bang!! – Christine Ethangatta – Trade Marketing   Manager

Shell & BP –  Helix:  A job well done!   Stephen Gikonyo

Safaricom – M-Pesa: So far the team has done a fantastic job on the ground. Gerald Rasugu – M-PESA Dealer Sales manager     

Safaricom Saasa Tariff:  A Good reports from the   region the job was well executed. - Sylvia Mulinge Head of Department   Retail Sales.

Safaricom Bonga Mall Activations:  The teams are switched on   and are doing a great job - Geoffrey Mwangi – Client Retention   Manager

PZ Cussons - Congratulations. My bosses were very happy with   the sampling exercise  girls - Dominic Mburu – Key Accounts Manager

Ansellia -   The teams are doing a wonderful job - Jayanta

Safaricom Ltd: Sherekea na Safaricom activation. - Fast turn around, well executed . We are giving you another job soon. Sylvia Mulinge

Safaricom Saasa tariff activation: A job well done. Sylvia Mulinge.

Safaricom Bonga activation: Good displays, team active and switched on. Geoffrey Mwangi Wandeto

Safaricom Simu Ya Jamii MIT: Team I am already noting impressive connection (sales) well done the MIT team is working out well with realised activations ensuring our vendors are getting branded as well. Keep it up! Sukuma Kabisa (sms) – Paul Magacha

Safaricom Simu Ya Jamii Activation: The team has done a fantastic job. I would definitely love to work with you again in future. Paul Magacha